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Fast Fashion Fixes

click reference How do you feel about fast fashion.  By fast fashion I mean the big box retailers and websites that churn out new products and collections every month or even few weeks.  We all know what stores they are.  They are anchored in nearly every shopping mall or complex.  They also take up big real estate in large cities.  Each week or month they receive deliveries of new shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry and other sundries.  Shoppers have come to expect new deliveries in a short amount of time.  Perhaps they see an expensive creation on the runway, but know one of their favorite fast fashion brick-and-mortar stores will have a near replica within two months.  On one hand I understand consumers appetite for shiny, brand new products that arrive in stores at a faster speed than normal.  But what does it say about us as consumers?  Do we value quality anymore?  And is it possible that some of the fast fashion is quality?  Because the clothes are are created so fast, it’s difficult to believe there is quality involved.

There are several reasons why I’m not in favor of fast fashion.  One, it’s bad for the environment.  With so many resources put to the test every week, it’s hard to deny the negative effects it has on those who make the products and also the side effects on mother nature.  Two, I feel it keeps consumers from discovering and further developing their own personal style.  Style is personal and it’s something you develop over years or even a lifetime.  If you are constantly purchasing items on a monthly basis from these big box stores, chances are your style isn’t consistent.  Three, it’s more difficult to concentrate on quality.  If your wardrobe is filled with low quality fast fashion bits and pieces, that means you don’t have anything high quality.  And everyone needs a few well made pieces in their wardrobe.  When you go for an important job interview, chances are a few fast fashion items won’t look as nice as a few pieces that are well made.  Just think of a well crafted blazer and how it fits so well.  Fast fashion cannot replicate true quality.

designer handbags

Even though I’m not completely in favor of fast fashion, there is room for a few pieces every now and then.  The few clothing items I do own from fast fashion big box stores, I like to wear on the weekends.  I call them my play clothes.  They are great for running to the grocery store, gardening, and hanging out at home.  But for everyday clothes, I’m still partial to a few high quality items.  And when it comes to accessories, I always opt for handcrafted and well made.  For instance, there is nothing that can replicate a handcrafted handbag.  There is a reason I love designer handbags.  They are thoughtfully designed and so well.  Keep in mind that it’s find to have a few pieces from fast fashion resources, but also save your money for a few high quality pieces such as designer handbags.

designer handbags

The Rise of Internet Celebrities and a Few Steps to Become One

Like many of you, I am addicted to Instagram and social media in general. Instagram is one of those rare social media platforms that has a great interface and is used by millions of people all over the globe. With nearly everyone glued to their smartphones, it’s easy to see why there are suddenly so many breakout Internet stars. It seems like there is a new Internet phenom on a weekly basis. And what’s so fascinating about these new cyber stars is that they were not celebrities before rising to fame in the cyber world. These new Internet celebrities are mostly unknown until they became famous online. From Twitter, and Youtube, to Vine, and Instagram, there are several well known social media platforms that let a person shoot to fame in a matter of weeks. We will later look into many of these new stars. Not all social media platforms and apps have the same amount of users and visibility. There are only a few that attract enough viewers and influencers to enable a person to become very well known. After all, one needs an audience in order to set out on a path for stardom. Notice how many apps we all have on our smartphones? And if are like me, I only use 1-4 apps out of 10 or so. I continually open my favorite apps up to 10 times a day, perhaps more on a day off. But most of the apps go unused yet I don’t delete them because I keep thinking maybe I’ll use them one day. Instagram especially appeals to many smartphone owners because it’s so easy to use. And unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram has a very clean and uncluttered interface that makes it incredibly easy to use. When you log onto Instagram, there are no notifications of birthdays or long updates from friends. Because it’s an app based on images and not text, it’s an app that is very easy to use. As more and more people migrate to Instagram from older social media platforms, its user base will grow even more. Instagram is growing faster than any other social media platform. (Below we will discuss celebrities from the top social media sites and platforms, but Instagram is one of my favorites and I look forward to watching it propel into even further growth.)


Evolution of a Celebrity

Until recently, the route to traditional fame was firmly ensconced in the real world. These famous faces gracing magazine covers and flashed across our TV screens are actors, musicians, athletes, models, and even chefs. You get the idea. These celebrities rose to stardom from traditional offline outlets. Kate Moss jettisoned exploded onto the scene after the infamous Calvin Klein advertisement. It’s all anyone talked about at the time. Who could forget her glossy hair, high cheekbones and waif-like physique. Her look was so different than the traditional models that she went on to become even more famous than many of her colleagues in the industry. She stood out in a way that other models did not. To this day, Kate Moss is one of the most influential style icons. When asked who influences their style the most or whose wardrobe they covet, 8 out of 10 times the answer is Kate Moss. For a model, her star power and celebrity has lasted a very long time. Kate Moss is such an icon that there she has no shelf life. I would wager that she will be in her 70’s and fashionistas will still discuss her amazing style.

Remember when going to the movies used to be a really big deal? Each time your favorite movie star made a big screen appearance, a trip to the movies was in order. Maybe you would go out to eat dinner before the showing and then grab coffee or a drink afterwards. Going to the movies was an outing and even a small scale production for many. We couldn’t wait to see Tom Hanks in his newest production. His face was plastered over bill boards and magazine covers accounting his most recent movie. However, times have changed. Going to the movies isn’t what it used to be. Many new releases that would have broken box office sales in the past now have very soft launches. Movie stars that once had enormous popularity simply aren’t bringing their fans to the movies anymore. And it’s not the celebrities fault. We now live in a more contained world when it comes to entertainment. When you once had to get into your car and drive to see a new release, you can now do that from the comfort of your own home. If you own a television, chances are it’s a SmartTv and you have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Digital streaming of movies and app only series is groundbreaking. It means you no longer need to leave your house in order to watch a movie. Certainly, the new movies aren’t available on Netflix right away, but within a few weeks or months they are ready for viewing. It’s now a pastime across the globe to spend Sundays watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. With breakout series available only on Netflix such as ‘Orange is the New Black’ there are a new crop of digital celebrities. How a celebrity becomes famous is evolving. It’s no longer about being climbing the ropes to fame in the real world. You no longer have to work years and years in the acting world hoping to win a good part in a movie. Thanks to live streaming, social media and online influencers, the world inside televisions and smartphones is creating superstars. As the average person pays more and more attention to their mobile devices and choose to watch movies at home, the new celebrities are not from traditional offline sources. Now all you need is a smartphone, video, camera, pretty face or funny personality and you can be an overnight Internet sensation.

Do You Want to be a Famous Internet Star? Let’s See a Few Examples of Breakout Stars on Three Social Media Platforms

http://bankesfamily.com/_BQF7deQP8 Vine: Jerome Jarre

Known as “the French Guy” to millions of fans, Jerome Jarre has Vine in the palm of his hands. Who is Jerome and why is he so famous? Jerome is 24 years old and from France. Nearly in his mid-twenties he is already a serial entrepreneur. He landed in New York after leaving a few start-ups. All of the start-ups failed or didn’t get off the ground. Vine is a video app from Twitter. Vine videos or ‘Vines’ are six seconds long. Vine videos can be shared with anyone although the bulk of viewers have downloaded the vine app and use it in its native way. The most popular platform to share Vines is Twitter. Jerome Jarre’s videos have been viewed more than one billion times. When he goes to meet-ups, he is often so swamped by fans that police have to come see what’s going on and break up the crowd. When Jerome originally downloaded the Vine app he used it like everyone else simply making normal videos that garnered maybe one or two likes. But one night he did a dance in a Toronto bar’s restroom and it quickly got 16 likes. He thought that was pretty cool. This funny video showed him that people like these sort of quick and happy stunts. With only $400.00 on him, in 2013, Jerome bought a one-way bus ticket to New York city. When he arrived in NYC, Jerome was fine on his own without a job because he had a smartphone. In the beginning he would spend entire days outside in the city making videos. One day one of his Vines hit Internet gold. The Vine went viral and suddenly he found himself on the chat show “Ellen.” Quickly he received hundreds of thousands of followers. Why do fans like him? Young teenage girls flock to him online and in real life in part because of his positive outlook. Jerome wants people to be happy. His Vines are funny, but they aren’t demeaning or mean in any way. (Jerome prefers the term friends instead of fans.) He lifts his viewers up and tells them to spread happiness. His broad smile is hard to resist. Jerome Jarre is a breakout Internet star that is teaching people to find happiness within themselves.

helpful hints YouTube: Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a YouTube superstar. Often referred to as YouTube’s makeup queen, she started with makeup tutorials and still continues to do them, but now she also has her own cosmetics line called ‘em Michelle Phan.’ On YouTube alone she has over 7 million subscribers. That is a lot of eyeballs. Most magazines wish they had that many monthly subscribers. Magazines are lucky if they break the 1 million mark each month. In the past 10 years the phenom known as makeup tutorials has exploded on YouTube. Makeup videos are known as ‘vlogs’ in the digital world. Variety conducted a survey among a group of 13 to 18 year olds who all preferred YouTube sensations compared to traditional, offline mainstream celebrities. They consider vloggers such as Michelle Phan more of a celebrity than offline stars such as Reese Witherspoon. Michelle Phan has such an influence on her followers that they usually purchase products she describes in her makeup tutorials. She is a top digital influencer and her videos help the companies selling those products a lot of money. Michelle’s fans and followers like her crisp and clear videos because they are easy to follow and her makeup directions are never overly complicated. In short, it’s easy to recreate her makeup looks. Her videos have been viewed more than a billion times. It’s estimated that Michelle is worth over $80 million. She is a pioneer on YouTube having been one of the first to draw such a huge amount of subscribers. And she is expanding her empire into health, food, and music. Because of her vast influence, there are now several other breakout beauty vloggers. Is there a shelf life for YouTube beauty vloggers? We aren’t sure, but the numbers do level out after a while. Michelle’s YouTube videos don’t receive as many views as in the past and she doesn’t have as many Instagram followers compared to other Internet stars. Do keep in mind however, Instagram followers should not always be about numbers, but influence. So you could have 4 million followers, but not as much digital influence as one with 1 million followers. Digital influence is the power to move product and bring exposure to brands.

flirt avec une fille Instagram: Chiara Ferragni – The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is a widely known fashion blogger. Most people know her as ‘The Blonde Salad’ which is the name of her blog. We are discussing Chiara via her Instagram because of her mass following on the platform and blogs in general have somewhat taken a backseat these days to more popular online social sites. In fact, readership is down among many of the more famous fashion and style blogs. This is because more and more of their readers are migrating to Instagram. As stated above, Instagram is incredibly popular because it’s so easy to use. There is no reading long paragraphs at a time because it’s visual. It’s such a simple way to see what your favorite fashion bloggers are up to without having to visit and read their blog. Chiara, The Blonde Salad, has over 3 million followers on Instagram. Brands love her because of her large following and influence. Brands love to team up with top-tiered bloggers and Instagrammers because they drive sales. Recently Chiara teamed up with PLIA Designs and loves their designer handbags. In fact, Instagram now has a better click-through rate than many of the digital influencers websites or blogs. Instagram elicits the most engagement and Chiara is leading the fashion pack in racking up brand engagement and sales. She is one of the highest earning online fashion stars and what she wears or snaps on Insta is usually a huge hit and drives viewers to research and buy those products. In fact, the term blogger is the wrong word to use when describing famous online influencers such as Chiara. They are brand stars and spokesmodels in a way. Chiara commands up to $30,000-$40,000 for high-profile brand events such as the opening of a new Louis Vuitton flagship. Chiara Ferragni is also a brand in her own right. Not only is she paid to promote other brands and products, but she has a very successful line of shoes that is in more than 200 stores worldwide. It’s estimated that in 2015 she will make close to $10 million. Not bad for someone who started a little blog some years ago! The Blonde Salad is an digital superstar.

Do You Want to be a Famous Internet Superstar?

1.) Find your niche. Do you love fashion? Do you love beauty? Do you adore science and figuring out how things work? Make a list of three topics you absolutely love and then choose one of those. Reserve the domain name to your site or blog and also register that name across all social media platforms.

2.) Research. Research. Research. Research and study what makes some of these Internet stars so famous. Don’t copy what they do as that’s not original and won’t set you apart, but figure out why people are so drawn to them. Jerome Jarre makes people laugh. Famous Instagram photographers use different filters to make their photos stand out. Focus on Instagram especially as it’s the fastest growing social media platform.

3.) No matter what topic you plan to be known for, learn to take good photographs. You don’t need the most expensive camera anymore to take great snapshots. Sometimes even your iPhone camera will do. Most of the best Instagram photos are actually taken with a camera and then imported through the posters smartphone. But the new iPhone 6 has a great camera and is perfect for any new blogger or Instagrammer who is just starting out. Also try to figure out what filters some of the best online stars are using. VSCOcam has amazing filters and it’s very popular. We love their filters, too. Through VSCOcam you can edit your photo through various filters before posting on Instagram.

4.) Be positive, happy, and smiley. No one likes a Debbie downer, especially online. Despite how much we despise the whole selfie phenom, everyone is taking them. So if you must take an occasional selfie, learn how to do them well. Michelle Phan has a good video on taking good self portraits. As ridiculous as they look, you may also need a selfie stick. No one looks good in extreme closeups. Trust. A selfie stick extends far enough out that your features and angles look much better.

5.) Be consistent. Instagram feeds look best when the photos are consistent and have similar filters. Also make sure your personality is the same across all platforms, also. For example don’t make your Facebook page look completely different than your Instagram.

Not everyone who starts a blog or a good Instagram feed will be famous. It takes time and a lot of work to get an audience. And not all audiences are the same. You want an engaged audience who wants to see what you have to post and is eager to hit ‘like.’ One of your end goals should be to have a long shelf life. Trends online come and go much faster compared to the offline world. Slow and steady wins the race. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags on Instagram. That’s one of the easiest way to find likes for your photos. And most importantly, be yourself! There is only one you in the universe. Don’t base your online profile on anyone else but you.

rencontre coquine sur bethune BIO: My name is Jamika Farmington and I’m a freelance beauty and fashion writer.  You can find me writing mainly about beauty, but also social media. Beauty wise, I like to share what I’m currently using. What is working and what isn’t. I occasionally blog for fashion accessories labels and write content about what’s happening in the world of style. For example, I’m a guest blogger for PLIA Designs highlighting several of their collections of designer handbags.

Fashion at the Oscars

2014 was a great year for many actresses.  Their performances in movies proved to be a pivotal time in their careers.  The buzz surrounding their movies made many of us, including me, want to see what all of the fuss was about.  And though I have yet to see Cake, the trailer shows a different depth to Jennifer Aniston than what we are used to.  In nearly any career it’s easy to get pigeon holed into only one role.  Or one role that everyone knows you for.  For example if you are a host at a famous restaurant everyone knows your face because you are social, greet people and make sure guests are taken care of.  However, what if the host occasionally slips back to the kitchen to help with very specialized dishes?  Perhaps he is the one who makes these specialized dishes that are then served to customers.  The customers have no idea the host has another role at the restaurant.  The same can be said for several actors and actresses that are known only for one sort of role.  Just like Jennifer Aniston in Cake, viewers were pleasantly surprised to see one of American’s most beloved actresses step out of her comfort zone.  Or perhaps this sort of role is her comfort zone and we were always left in the dark with her ability for more dramatic roles.  Along with many fans, we were devastated that Jennifer Aniston did not receive an Oscar nod.  I would have adored seeing what Jennifer would wear sashaying down the red carpet.

Just like many of you we are eager to see the fashion choices on the red carpet during Oscar night.  Watching nominees arrive is almost as fun as watching the show itself.  It’s a fashion sport.  Who is wearing what designer and how they look is a favorite for many.  Just watch Twitter light up with Oscar hashtags that evening.  Twitter loves Golden Globes and Oscars fashion.  This year many critics thought several actresses didn’t take enough fashion risks.  I see what they mean, however, there is a sort of set look one wears for the red carpet.  If an actress takes too much of a fashion risk, she is often ridiculed.  Do we not remember Bjork?  That was a fashion risk and look what happened.  No matter what the critics say, there really can’t be fashion risks.  Perhaps a bit of edginess?  Yes.  But true risks?  Absolutely not.  It’s interesting how armchair critics think the famous need to take fashion risks.

Two celebs that we love to see what they wear are Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon.  Remember Reese’s dress when she was up for her first Oscar?  It was a beautiful vintage find.  Because it was so unique, it was one of the best dresses we have ever seen on the red carpet.  Everyone loved that dress.  Even the toughest of fashion critics had great things to say about Ms. Witherspoon’s dress.  Julianne Moore.  Where to even begin?  She’s a flawless beauty that seems to never age and she has some of the best fashion sense in the game.  She’s a subtle style icon.  By subtle I mean that she surprises us with her fashion choices and is usually spot-on, but she doesn’t do gimicky or outrageous.  Her hair is sleek and makeup beautiful without being overly made up.  Julianne usually prefers a matte or semi matte red lip.  She has phenomenal skin.  Whatever her skincare regime is, we all need to know.  This woman has star qualitly skin that glows.  I’m sure she takes a lot of precautions with sunscreen and wide brimmed hats when out in the sun.  You can always tell the women who take care of their skin.  Even though Julianne’s attire for the 2015 Gold Globes was a bit disappointing to many, I felt neutral about it.  It wasn’t absolutely amazing, but it also wasn’t dowdy.  Yes it was a bit sparkly, but it wasn’t offensive.  I expect she and her stylist will pull out all of the stops on Oscar night.

THR_Julianne_Moore_embed copy

From the earliest Oscars, fashion has always been an important part of this awards show.  Fashion at the Oscars is such a big deal, it’s spurred numerous TV shows.  It’s almost an industry itself.  Stylists are now famous because of who they dress during awards shows.  Many people only know Joan Rivers because of her Oscar and fashion coverage.  She became a household name because of the Oscar red carpet.  Oscar fashion is different than other fashion because so many people all over the world are watching.  Billions of people are either watching or viewing pictures of Oscar coverage.  We have highlighted two actress, but many more will be walking the red carpet.  Let us know who you can wait to see dressed to the nines.  Leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you!


BIO:  My name is Jemma Mornington.  I’m a freelance writer covering mostly the tech and fashion worlds.  You can also find me blogging for PLIA Designs maker of luxurious designer handbags.

Dissecting Designer Handbags Today and How Consumers Shop

I have been in the fashion business a long time. I’ve seen so many products over the years that I practically have a PHD in fashion. Fashion is my job. I literally live and breathe fashion. I know what I like or dislike immediately. When I visit a showroom, it’s similar to a visceral reaction when something agrees with me. Year in and year out I’ve attended countless shows and visited numerous designers’ showrooms. Those of us know what we love and what we don’t. We also know right away if something will be a hit with the fashion public or if it won’t. Once you are around product enough in a lifetime, it becomes almost second nature about what will become amazing. There is a distinguishing mark concerning simply good and and the best. There is a huge chasm between what will simply sell and what till be a major grand slam to the fashion public. The fashion public is a bit different than the cloistered world of fashionables such as editors and tastemakers. The fashion public actually knows what to buy and what they will love and like. However, they often need guidance and to be shown what is hot and popular. They know what will be a valuable asset to their wardrobes. And mind you, it’s not always what the fashion press tells them to buy. It’s also what they see on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The fashion press only has so much control over what the public will purchase and use. You can write numerous articles about what you love and how much you adore a designer label, but it’s the general public in the end that decides if a label will be successful or not. Yet keep in mind many of the trends start with the media and have a boomerang effect with shoppers. After all, they are the ones that will purchase and use the product day in and day out. They are the driving force that will tell their friends and family how much they love a designer label. Someone purchases a handbag and carries it for a few days. Before you know it, she’s told her friends and family and also spread the word via various social media outlets. Fashion can only sustain itself when the general public buys into a product and when powerful forces in the world of fashion promote new designs.

And this is where social media comes into play; especially with designer handbag brands. It is now so easy to share and show what you love to wear and carry. Outfit posts of the day are now as common as sharing photos of your kids and pets. Instagram especially is very much driven by fashion. Millions of women and men all over the globe use Instagram as their fashion diary and style platform. They don’t only post one photo a day, but anywhere from two to six. Instagram is a massively popular social media site that is even surpassing Facebook in numbers. Facebook is now more in favor with the senior citizen set if you can believe it. Users from the age of 15-45 are migrating to Instagram in droves. One of the main reasons is ease of use. It’s simple to interact on Instagram. The layout is clean and simple. Your page isn’t crowded as it is on Facebook. There isn’t a huge urgency to write massive amounts with a post as Instagram is centered around photographs. So you can simply hit the little heart which means like and move on to the next post from another poster. If you want, you may even write a little comment below an Instagram post/photo, but it’s not mandatory. The app itself moves so much smoother than Facebook as it’s not as cluttered. Every now and then an advertisement will slip through your feed and it’s annoying, but bearable. It’s truly no wonder the fashionable and those that love fashion have taken to Instagram. The app itself is clean and fashionable; it’s the perfect platform to share pictures of handbags and especially designer handbags. A stylish fashionista can post an Insta and discuss how good the quality is and if the label lives up to the hype. The taste makers of today aren’t only bloggers, but they are style stars on Instagram. In fact, many people don’t read blogs as frequently as they did even one or two years ago. Digital is important to style and especially handbag lines, but one of the most important platforms is Instagram. As I mentioned above, the ease of use is amazingly simple and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. One of the reasons people area reading fewer blogs is because it’s more time consuming compared to Instagram. And let’s not forget we live in an image based society. It’s much faster and easier to absorb a quick photo than it is to read a lot of text on a blog.

So while social media, especially Instagram, plays a huge role in the world of handbags and brands, print is still not out of style. There is often a lot of debate about print being out of style or not wielding enough influence, but it is simply not true. Print magazines and publications are a mainstay in the fashion and design world. Especially the tried and true stalwarts. Customers, shoppers, and fashionables expect to be told and guided as to what is ‘in’ and what they should perhaps purchase. It’s human nature that people need to be guided and told what to do and buy. That may sound a bit harsh, but when it comes to fashion, shoppers need ideas. Of course if the promoted product doesn’t live up to expectations, customers will not make the purchase. A product such as a handbag has to live up to hype. However, it is that initial mention from a famous editor that gets the ball rolling. If a picture of a labels goods is shown in a major magazine, a reader sees that as a distinguishing mark that it’s an amazing product and that they will keep it in mind when shopping. Several of my friends and colleagues in the fashion industry instinctively know what is cool and they don’t need anyone to tell or guide their sense of style. I am like that as well. But a majority of the public needs gentle guidance concerning fashionable purchases.


The major players in fashion print magazines are the glossies with the most power such as VOGUE and British VOGUE. Their editors attend all of the top shows and know nearly every designer in the industry. So while social media is a huge player in fashion so too is print and the power of stylish editors. Just take a look on Instagram during the shows and there are thousands of pics of editors and what sort of handbags they are carrying. Everyone is keen to know what editors favor, love, and carry; even more so than bloggers since the latter has become so ubiquitous. It’s very presumtive for people to write-off the importance of print. What matters now is how you capture a readers/viewers attention span. Attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter and big brands and designer labels need to remember this. I even find my attention span becoming shorter much to my chagrin. Designer handbags especially are easy to promote on all sorts of digital platforms and in print. Remember, a potentential buyer doesn’t have to try on a handbag. A handbag doesn’t take the same sort of hard sell as clothing. Handbags are easy to photograph whether it’s on Instagram or in fashion magazines. The one thing a woman nearly always needs by her side is a handbag. It’s been that way for years. Even though I’m discussing handbags and how they are viewed in the modern age, let’s face it, handbags have been around for a very long time. And print publications have also been around for a very long time. Even before the famous fashion editors of our generation, they existed long before. There were fashion editors and writers in the early 1900’s. It takes a range of platforms across different mediums to promote and show major products such as designer handbags.

And even though sites such as Pinterest exist, many shoppers still prefer to tear pictures from magazines. Of course a digital scrapbook is great and the who can coexist together. Most certainly that is one of the better ways to shop; have fashion boards on Pinterest and also save tear sheets from magazines. There is no one perfect way to shop for designer handbags today. It’s a varied experience for every shopper. Everyone talks about shoppers only making purchases online, but high-end department stores are still packed with fashionables making purchases. There is now a blended way that people shop for famous labels such as designer handbags. And not all physical stores stock must-have handbag labels. Often online shoppers will pin pictures from websites and the goods may only be available on that particular site and not for sale in every department store around the world. Both digital and print platforms work together to fuel sales of designer handbags and to promote the people behind those labels. It’s often that you will read an interview with designers behind a label in a well known fashion glossy magazine and a few weeks later also read a profile about them on famous websites and blogs. At times, both the online world and offline world work together to promote not only big brands, but also smaller lesser known labels. So consumers get used to seeing a label talked about and they remember to check them out either online or in a store. Maybe the consumer will pin a few of said designers images to the Pinterest boards or perhaps tear out stores from fashion magazines, but either way they know what to look for.

Designer Handbags

Today fashionables and shoppers have many options when shopping for designer handbags. They learn about the designers behind the labels on and offline and the same for shopping. And though many consumers need to be guided in their purchases, the product won’t take off unless the consumer herself truly loves a product such as a luxury handbag. They want to purchase products that are extremely well made and that will last several years. There is nothing worse than making an expensive purchase only for it to fall apart a few months later. And even though Instagram is incredibly popular, fashionistas are becoming more and more aware that many of the posts they see across social media are sponsored. However, many consumers are aware of this and that is fine. And many style stars won’t promote a product that they do not like. Consumers rely on style stars that have the same taste as they do or a wardrobe they admire. Take Olivia Palermo for instance, she has style that many consumers relate to or would like to look like. Her fashion choices are chic and sleek without looking overly done up. And she never wears clothing that is too revealing. Her handbag choices are nearly always spot-on. Instagrammers love to see what the stylish set such as Olivia Pallermo are carrying. They also love to flip through magazines and see what celebs are wearing and carrying. The world of shopping for designer handbags is changing, yet not as fast as some may think. Shoppers still love the thrill of making a new purchase, it’s that they go about it slightly differently these days. They have the guidance from editors of print magazines and then also reading about it online. And finally, the product itself has to be a standout handbag for word to catch on that they really are amazing. Don’t forget, a product has to live up to its hype in order to become a fast favorite with fashionable shoppers.

have a peek at this website AUTHOR BIO: My name is Jemma Mornington and I am a fashion and technology editor. I often write about the intersection between the fashion world and the tech world. You may also find me as a guest blogger for PLIA Designs purveyor of some of the best designer handbags in the world.

Shop It Right Now: Satchel Bags

After appearing on the Spring ’15 runways of PLIA Designs and several others, it seems that satchel bags are making their big comeback. They might be one of the more practical styles—perfect for rainy days and dirty bus rides—yet they have some serious statement appeal and will make any outfit, from a brocade dress to a fancy day suit, a little more cool. There are endless outfit combinations where a satchel handbag would be complementary. The major runway shows such as the one from PLIA Designs, every outfit that came down the runway had a satchel with it. The models carried the satchel bags in different ways which made it very interesting. And many of the satchel bags came with detachable shoulder straps. I know several friends that love to carry a handbag, but also prefer being hands free so they rely heavily on these shoulder straps. I don’t mind carrying a handbag by its handles, but there are times I love being hands free also, such as shopping trips and when navigating my way through an airport. I liked that designers were in tune to the hands free way of carrying a bag. The satchels that models carried also came in a variety of sizes. From large to mini, there is a size for everyone. No doubt department store and boutique owners and buyers have already placed their orders. These satchel handbags will fly off the shelves and leave people waiting for more. I can tell when a style will resonate with shoppers, and this sort of handbag will be a smashing success. So much that I wager there will be waiting lists a mile long. I already have my eye on PLIA Designs designer handbags and their new satchels are on top of my list. Tomorrow I get to take a look at their new satchel bags.

Today I woke up and ate a quick breakfast. I didn’t want to be late meeting PLIA Designs head of PR. He is a dear friend of mine and we have known each other for a very long time. I took a taxi instead of the usual subway to their new showroom in the Marais. It’s a beautiful modern set of rooms within a very old and historical building, the juxtaposition is very interesting. In recent years, the Marais has become really trendy, but it has been an insider destination for a very long time. Trends will come and go, but this district of Paris will always be a mainstay- even after the trendy set has moved on. Viewing the beautiful buildings and architecture gives you an idea of how the wealthy former residents lived. It was after the revolution the Marais district was abandoned by many of the rich and that is when the more bohemian moved in. Unlike the rest of Paris with its broad boulevards, the Marais has narrow winding cobbled stone streets and alleys. It is the most enchanting place for a showroom.

Once inside PLIA Designs’ showroom, I saw Dante their head of PR. He waived me over to the large acrylic table in the middle of the room. Behind the massive table were several silver stands. Each one held the new satchel bags that had glided down the runway just days ago. It was rather amazing to see them on their own without the cacophony of a fashion show. They stood out even better here probably because it was a quieter atmosphere and the spotlight was only on the bags. After Dante finished his call, he invited me to take a closer look at the new satchel bags. Up close, they were simply divine. PLIA Designs is well known all over the globe for their designer handbags. Everyone knows that a designer bag by PLIA will last a lifetime. Not only are they incredibly well made, but their style is timeless. You can carry a PLIA Designs handbag now and in 10, 15, and even 20 years. Their handbags never go out of style.

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs new satchel handbags are so en pointe. No doubt they will fly out of stores before they have barely hit the shelves. Because I have inside access, I ordered one in each size. The largest size would be perfect for travel and it holds a MacBook Pro. The middle size which they named “small” is the sort of satchel bag that would take you from a day at the office to a dinner party in the evening; all without switching handbags. And the tiniest style called the “pixie” is one of the cutest bags I have ever laid eyes on. It’s the same silhouette of the bigger satchels, but miniaturized. At 9 inches wide, it’s still roomy enough for a wallet and other daily essentials.

Before it’s too late, shop the three satchel handbag styles you can get your hands on right now from PLIA Designs. There will be a wait list a mile long within weeks. These are the must-have designer handbags of the season.

Shop the Street Style Look

The blogashpere and online world are flooded with street style looks. I’ll be completely honest, I like some of the looks, but not all of them. If you notice around show seasons, street style fashion gets more and more out there. Many of the fashionistas believe the more outrageous and theatrical they dress, then they are more apt to catch the photographers lens. A few years ago this used to be true, but now I’ve noticed strew photos aren’t always going for the most outlandish and colorful looks. I much prefer more streamlined street style looks. The ones who almost blend in with their surroundings. The muted greys and stone colored clothing that seamlessly meld into concrete buildings.

There are a few street style stars I really like. I never did go for the outrageous ones so I don’t even bother looking at their photos. To be honest many of them look utterly ridiculous and the accessories they carry aren’t much better either. As I’ve followed some of my favorite online style stars, I’ve noticed many of them carrying a certain type of handbag. It looked to be a satchel bag in two different sizes. The larger satchel looked like it was roomy and could hold a lot. The smaller size was super cute, but still looked wide enough for a smaller laptop and tablet. I wanted to learn more about who made these bags, but I needed a name first. Several of my friends had also seen and liked the handbags a lot, but they weren’t sure of the name. Finally, I found a dear friend who knew who made the bags. She knew because she owned several herself and loved carrying them.

designer handbags

The label who made my most wanted satchels is PLIA Designs. From their website I noticed they make a beautiful collections of designer handbags. The sort of handbags every girl wants because they look like nothing else on the market. You know what I mean, right? When you go shopping now, so many handbags look the same. Or they all look like they are trying to copy the ‘it’ bags. How many variations do we need to see of a famous bag? Only the original will do, thank you very much. On PLIA Designs site, I found the two satchel bags. And like I originally thought, they came in two sizes. The larger size satchel I had to have. It is reasonably priced compared to other bags and I was instantly in love. PLIA Designs does a great job in designing drool worthy designer handbags.

Insta Style

It should be of no surprise to anyone that Instagram is the most popular and powerful social media platform. It has taken over the social media sphere. And right so. It is an incredibly easy app to use. The interface is streamlined and simple. It’s not cluttered nor do you have to read a lot of text. In the fashion world it is definitely the most favored social media app. Editors are uploading and double tapping hundreds of pictures during fashion week. Celebrities give us a glimpse into fashion shows they are attending. And of course selfies have taken over. Sometimes selfies are great though because you get to know what makeup or skincare product a popular editor or celeb is wearing and/or using.

Style stars and popular bloggers are using Instagram in the droves as well. You get to see them taking meetings with editors and attending fashion shows as well. More and more these powerful people in the industry are also showcasing their own personal style. They give us a chance to see beautiful walk-in closets with rows of shoes lined up and handbags tucked away in their proper sleeper bags. Several well known editors have shown their handbags by PLIA Designs. This is a label favored by many fashion insiders. PLIA Designs is a luxury accessories label with a focus on designer handbags, satchels, carryalls, and leather goods. They also have the cutest line of designer iPhone cases. Through Instagram, I have seen many designer handbags crafted by PLIA Designs. I loved them so much, I wanted to add several to my collection. If they are good enough for fashion editors and style stars, then I was sure to love them also. After seeing a handbag from PLIA Designs’ newest collection, I took the plunge.

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs’ website is beautifully laid out and so original. I loved browsing their collections page. From there I was able to click on individual collections. My shopping cart quickly filled up. I ordered two Eloise lambskin clutches, three courier satchel handbags, and four designer iPhone cases. I couldn’t wait to receive my PLIA Designs designer handbags and cases. I’d been saving my money to expand my accessories wardrobe and now I finally found the perfect brand. I hadn’t intended to buy all of my new handbags from one brand, but I couldn’t help myself. No other brand made handbags that look like this. I have learned that the line is built around craftsmanship. Every one of their handbags is individually crafted by their very own leather craftsman. This is a brand I have fallen in love with and I can’t wait to own more PLIA Designs designer handbags.

Already a Fashionista

What do you think of North West making her fashion glossy debut already? Love it or think it’s vulgar?

The Best Weekend Handbags

Weekend choices can be difficult at least fashion wise. When choosing what to carry, I have to take into consideration what I am doing that weekend. Will it be a working weekend where I will need to carry a laptop, magazines, papers, notebooks, and an iPad. Will I be working and socializing? Sometimes during fashion month, there is a combination of work and play. Attending shows, meeting designers backstage, and going to dinners, there is a combination of rushing back to my hotel to write reviews and kicking back in a hotel lobby for a cocktail. So there are many times when activities over the weekend overlap. It is that way for many people and a way of life.

One of my favorite weekend bags is actually a satchel. It is made by accessories house PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs crafts collections of beautiful designer handbags, satchels, purses, bags and leather goods. They are world renowned for their craftsmanship. Each product is handcrafted one at a time by their very own leather craftsman. Fashion editors in the know all carry PLIA Designs designer handbags. The handbag I love to carry from them is called the Reid courier satchel. It’s a beautiful and roomy satchel with plenty of space for all of the things I lug around. I also love this handbag because I can use it as a mini weekender. It is an incredibly versatile bag. I don’t think of it as just a work bag. I love it for shopping as well. It is large enough to hold a few small packages from department stores. I have spotted PLIA’s satchel in the hands of countless editors. From French VOGUE to British VOGUE, the voguettes cannot get enough of this designer handbag and I can see why. I never get tired of carrying my Reid satchel by PLIA Designs.

The other weekend bag I like to carry is also by PLIA Designs. It is their Milton clutch. Talk about a chic clutch. The buttery soft lambskin is utterly delicious. Whenever I carry this clutch, I always get so many compliments and people asking me where I bought it. I love referring them to PLIA Designs website. This is a great weekend clutch because it can be carried from day to evening. And it is large enough to fit my iPad mini! So tech chic. I love carrying this clutch to dinner and to cocktail parties because it is the perfect size to fit under my arm.

Designer Handbags

These are two of my favorite weekend bags. Let me know what are some of your bags to carry over the weekend and why you love them so much. Until next time fashionistas!

Handbag Report from the South of France

As many of my faithful readers know I am a fashion editor. Now I know that sounds like a glamorous and fun job and it is in many ways. But what most people outside of my fashion circle don’t understand is that I’m constantly writing and always on deadline. Once a fashion show is over, there is not much time to socialize. I have to quickly return to my hotel room and start writing reviews. Once the reviews are finished, I then have to email them to my editor and wait for feedback and changes. It is rare that I get any sort of night off during the shows. And it’s not always easy to write countless reviews and make each one as crisp and detailed as possible. But that is my job and I like to think I try hard.

When one of my friends who works for a famous design house invited me to her house in the south of France after the shows, I jumped at the chance. I happened to have three weeks off and I could not think of anywhere I’d rather spend it. She is an incredible talent in the design world, but she’s also a very dear friend of mine. We always have so much to talk about. From the latest and greatest in skincare, to new movies and books, to fashion of course, we chatter non stop like excitable hummingbirds. She is also one of those friends who is not permanently stuck on fashion. Meaning you can wear whatever you want and she does not even notice. I knew my stay would be relaxing and I wouldn’t have to care so much what I packed because it wouldn’t be some sort of uptight fashion pow-wow.
Designer Handbags
Packing for my trip to Provence would be easy. Clothing wise at least. But I needed a tote that would double as a small valise and carry-on for the train and also a day bag. Since I would be visiting several markets in the region, I needed a tote that could hold several items while still be stylish. I own so many handbags, but I knew I’d recently acquired a lovely tote. If I could only remember who made it and where I stored it. It finally came to me. It was a tote by PLIA Designs called the Pewter tote from their French Toast tote collection. I found it in my closet unused and still in its plastic bag and dust bag. It was the perfect tote for Provence. How could it not be with its amazing custom grey leather. PLIA Designs makes these beautiful designer handbags that last a lifetime. I am so glad I ordered this tote bag when I did.

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