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Best Designer iPhone Cases for Summer 2017

There is no doubt we live in a social media and tech-centric world. Try walking down the street and see how many people are not looking down and scrolling through their smartphone. It’s unusual to see people out and about without a smartphone in hand. In fact, it’s downright unusual not to see someone staring at a phone or tablet. It’s as if we are suddenly glued to our phones in an unhealthy way. Can you imagine if someone from the 1800’s witnessed how modern humans conduct themselves in public and private. If they were to return today, they’d immediately wonder why so many people were constantly staring down at something in their hand. They would be perplexed why some people didn’t hold their heads up on a sunny day and greet friends and strangers alike when walking. It’s laughable if you truly think how ridiculous many of us look with our smartphone addiction.

Obsessed as many of us may be with social media, technology connected the world in recent years like never before. Even the elderly are learning to use tablets to keep in touch with their family. Every Sunday afternoon, one of my dear friends Facetimes with her 95-year old grandmother. They both love to see each other and it’s more life like and dimensional than simply using the telephone. My friend says she often FaceTimes her grandmother to show her new outfits or what she is wearing for the weekend. Technology and the release of apps for the phone and tablets put people right in your home, even if they are thousands of miles away. Along with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is the world of fashionable tech accessories. Even my friend’s grandmother has a growing collection of cases for her iPad and iPhone.

It makes no sense to invest in a new iPhone if you have a penchant for dropping things. There are a vast array of iPhone cases flooding the market, but they are not all created equally. Mall kiosks are filled to the brim with cheap cases that easily crack and do not necessarily protect your phone. Many well known designers are launching iPhone accessories, but not all of these cases are a perfect match for your iPhone. After testing designer iPhone cases from several brands, our favorites are from the accessories line PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs’ collection of iPhone cases perfectly merges fashion and tech. You may be familiar with this accessories brand by their collection of popular Reid satchels. Their well designed handbags are often spotted in fashion glossies and on the arms of influencers and style stars.

designer iphone cases

Without a doubt, PLIA Designs designer iPhone cases rank number one for summer 2017. We got in touch with the designers of the line and learned a lot about the inspiration behind these beautiful iPhone cases. All of the illustrations on the cases are created from scratch by an artist. She begins the process by painting them on a canvas- a true work of art! The designers told me that French pastries inspired part of the collection. Wonderfully illustrated macarons burst with color along with other delicious delights such as the decadently whip cream-topped St. Honoré. Each case is also incredibly protective; it makes your phone feel very safe and cared for. PLIA Designs designer iPhone cases are hands-down summer favorites for the fashionable tech crowd.

Shopping for New iPhone Cases

I make no apologies concerning the fact that I love to shop. It’s as simple as this: If there is a store nearby, I will enter and look around. It doesn’t matter what sort of store or shop it is. If it’s a mechanics shop and it appears to have some to browse, I will enter said shop. Being in the fashion world, of course I love to shop for clothes and accessories. However, I truly enjoy browsing any sort of shop. I actually find it fun and relaxing to look and examine merchandise, to see how stores merchandise their products and what they choose to stock their shelves. Even big box stores fascinate me. You know the sort that end in ‘mart’ and they sell groceries, clothing, toys, garden supplies. I can wonder the aisles for a long time. I especially love the aisles of cleaning supplies and utensils. Suddenly I feel inspired to purchase a new mop and liquid cleaner for my wood floors. Who doesn’t desire sparkly floors? And their garden centers are equally as amazing once spring rolls around. My gardening ideas often get out of control and I end up buying too many plants and flowers.

One of my most recent assignments entailed getting the scoop on a brand new luxury department store. I couldn’t wait to hand in the perfect prose to my editor. I simply new my write-up would show the world what an amazing place it is to shop. Selling luxury goods is tricky. You need to offer hard to find products that aren’t available in every store, but you cannot come across as snooty or pretentious. No one wants to shop in a hostile atmosphere or have a sales assistant look you up and down. Not all of us dress up to go shopping. I know I don’t always put on my best designer clothes before hitting the shops. With this new assignment, I was curious how this much acclaimed department store treated it’s shoppers. I decided on a comfortable outfit, but not sloppy: cashmere sweater turtleneck, my favorite cargo pants, and brand new espadrilles wedges. I’m not a huge wedge fan when it comes to shoes, but these aren’t super high and ridiculous looking. I also carried my beloved Reid satchel. It’s one of best designer handbags I’ve ever owned.


As I entered the new high-end department store, I was astounded by the stunning decor. This was definitely not your run of the mill brick-and-mortar department store. The huge vases with blooming flowers were exceptional. They are set strategically throughout the store. My favorite floor was accessories. Not only do they stock beautiful leather goods in sumptuous leathers, but also a nice range of tech cases. I’m always stocked how many department stores do not stock iPhone cases. But this new, glossy, magnificent department store was different. I laid eyes on the cutest and most unique designer iPhone cases ever. They were so adorable, I bought one of each design. I will write about them later. However, right now I have to let you know this glorious department store stocks the most amazing designer iPhone cases. It’s worth your visit for the tech cases alone.

The Key to Fashion: Upgrade Your Designer iPhone Cases

I’ve talked and emailed to several friends lately and we all seem to agree on the same fashion point: upgrading our style.  This doesn’t mean we want to completely revamp our wardrobes and get rid of everything we own.  Instead, it means we need to add a few new items that make us feel we have amped up our style.  Amping up our style means perhaps purchasing a new handbag, adding a few new pairs of earrings, or new kitten heels for fall.  When adding new purchases to a wardrobe, they can be small and simple.  Sometimes the smallest additions can make the most impact on our looks.  I recently returned from a shopping trip to NYC and I had the best time hitting the stores and catching up with friends.  But what was the most amazing thing about shopping is that I bought very little.  However, what I did buy makes a statement.  I truly prefer purchasing smaller luxury items that make a statement.  New statement pieces doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely overhaul your wardrobe.  In fact, I prefer to shop and upgrade my style in this way: fewer items that add to what I wear on a daily basis.

As stated above I have a habit and a love of shopping for smaller items.  It’s easy to make fashion upgrades with tinier accessories and additions.  Have you noticed that it seems easier to browse jewelry when it’s smaller and tinnier?  I love shopping for jewelry, especially earrings.  In NYC I luckily found four new pairs of small stud earrings.  I’m not sure about you, but I love studs because they are chic and seem to go with everything.  Often times big large earrings overpower the face or what you are wearing.  You don’t need to worry about that with studs.  And there are many shapes of stud earrings; they aren’t all super small.  There are circles, ovals, squares, etc.  I own many different shaped studs based on what I’m wearing that day.  I even own a few pair of larger studs for evening.  The same goes for shoes as well.  I own more flats than heels.  I like a small square heel that resembles a flat, but is about 1 inch taller.  A stacked heel is amazing for work and it looks nice as well.  Stacked heels and stud earrings, one can’t really go wrong.



The other area of my life that I’ve upgraded in the fashion realm relates to my iPhone.  Those that know me in real life, understand my love for my iPhone.  It’s always by my side.  I love it for various reasons and one of them is Instagram.  Instagram is such an amazing way to keep in touch with my friends and family with minimal tome consumption.  Unlike other social media outlets, Instagram is so easy to use and it’s not text based; instead it’s all about photographs.  I’ve upped my fashion game with designer iPhone cases.  You will be amazed how adding new designer iPhone cases to your accessories will give you a very simple fashion upgrade.

The Selfie Era and Designer iPhone Cases

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world.  When we aren’t online, our brains nearly don’t know how to handle it.  There is probably a growing percentage of the population that has a digital addiction.  With websites like the Daily Mail feeding us a constant stream of gossipy stories and social media apps like Instagram providing glossy snapshots of amazing lives, it’s no wonder our heads are always bent down over smartphones.  If the Internet and social media platforms were boring, no one would use them and they wouldn’t hold our attention for so long.  However, it’s simply the opposite.  Social apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are super engaging and they captivate our attention more than other aspects of the real world.  I know many among us are swept up into watching Youtube beauty vlogs and most of the time we simply can’t watch just one video.  Anytime I visit Youtube for beauty reviews, I watch at least two videos in one sitting.  And many beauty shoppers use the site’s search function to research new products before purchasing.

Reviews online are the golden chid for many brands.  Big and small brands alike know that consumers turn to the Internet to read reviews and to do their own research before buying new products.  Reviews on sites such as Youtube and Amazon have the potential to move a lot of product.  If a popular Youtube video guru raves about a new concealer, it’s safe to say it will fly off the shelves.  Certain digital influencers have more sway as to what consumers purchase than even some of the most famous celebrities.  There are a handful of Youtube beauty stars that make well into the millions of dollars every year.  They have the power to sell beauty products in very high numbers.  Consumers trust online influencers and value their opinion.  And look at the popularity of selfie sticks.  As ridiculous as they look, many people own one.  Since everyone is taking pictures of themselves, they want to look nice in their photos.  There are countless blog posts and videos about how to look nice when posing for a selfie.

designer iphone cases

As silly as selfie sticks are they will continue to sell well.  People want to share their lives with their friends and followers across social media.  Who doesn’t want to post a selfie when you are out celebrating with friends?  And that’s also when the selfie stick comes in handy.  Out with your girlfriends trying a new restaurant?  Get out the selfie stick and snap a group shot.  When you have your iPhone on the selfie stick, it’s important to outfit it in a cute case.  Everyone sees the iPhone on the stick so you need to make sure it is encased in something really pretty.  I use on the best designer iPhone cases on my iPhone.  Whenever I use my selfie stick on vacations, people always ask me where they can buy the iPhone case.  Since we are all engrossed in the digital world, it’s only natural to make sure your iPhone is protected and cared for in beautiful designer iPhone cases.

Shop It Right Now: Satchel Bags

After appearing on the Spring ’15 runways of PLIA Designs and several others, it seems that satchel bags are making their big comeback. They might be one of the more practical styles—perfect for rainy days and dirty bus rides—yet they have some serious statement appeal and will make any outfit, from a brocade dress to a fancy day suit, a little more cool. There are endless outfit combinations where a satchel handbag would be complementary. The major runway shows such as the one from PLIA Designs, every outfit that came down the runway had a satchel with it. The models carried the satchel bags in different ways which made it very interesting. And many of the satchel bags came with detachable shoulder straps. I know several friends that love to carry a handbag, but also prefer being hands free so they rely heavily on these shoulder straps. I don’t mind carrying a handbag by its handles, but there are times I love being hands free also, such as shopping trips and when navigating my way through an airport. I liked that designers were in tune to the hands free way of carrying a bag. The satchels that models carried also came in a variety of sizes. From large to mini, there is a size for everyone. No doubt department store and boutique owners and buyers have already placed their orders. These satchel handbags will fly off the shelves and leave people waiting for more. I can tell when a style will resonate with shoppers, and this sort of handbag will be a smashing success. So much that I wager there will be waiting lists a mile long. I already have my eye on PLIA Designs designer handbags and their new satchels are on top of my list. Tomorrow I get to take a look at their new satchel bags.

Today I woke up and ate a quick breakfast. I didn’t want to be late meeting PLIA Designs head of PR. He is a dear friend of mine and we have known each other for a very long time. I took a taxi instead of the usual subway to their new showroom in the Marais. It’s a beautiful modern set of rooms within a very old and historical building, the juxtaposition is very interesting. In recent years, the Marais has become really trendy, but it has been an insider destination for a very long time. Trends will come and go, but this district of Paris will always be a mainstay- even after the trendy set has moved on. Viewing the beautiful buildings and architecture gives you an idea of how the wealthy former residents lived. It was after the revolution the Marais district was abandoned by many of the rich and that is when the more bohemian moved in. Unlike the rest of Paris with its broad boulevards, the Marais has narrow winding cobbled stone streets and alleys. It is the most enchanting place for a showroom.

Once inside PLIA Designs’ showroom, I saw Dante their head of PR. He waived me over to the large acrylic table in the middle of the room. Behind the massive table were several silver stands. Each one held the new satchel bags that had glided down the runway just days ago. It was rather amazing to see them on their own without the cacophony of a fashion show. They stood out even better here probably because it was a quieter atmosphere and the spotlight was only on the bags. After Dante finished his call, he invited me to take a closer look at the new satchel bags. Up close, they were simply divine. PLIA Designs is well known all over the globe for their designer handbags. Everyone knows that a designer bag by PLIA will last a lifetime. Not only are they incredibly well made, but their style is timeless. You can carry a PLIA Designs handbag now and in 10, 15, and even 20 years. Their handbags never go out of style.

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs new satchel handbags are so en pointe. No doubt they will fly out of stores before they have barely hit the shelves. Because I have inside access, I ordered one in each size. The largest size would be perfect for travel and it holds a MacBook Pro. The middle size which they named “small” is the sort of satchel bag that would take you from a day at the office to a dinner party in the evening; all without switching handbags. And the tiniest style called the “pixie” is one of the cutest bags I have ever laid eyes on. It’s the same silhouette of the bigger satchels, but miniaturized. At 9 inches wide, it’s still roomy enough for a wallet and other daily essentials.

Before it’s too late, shop the three satchel handbag styles you can get your hands on right now from PLIA Designs. There will be a wait list a mile long within weeks. These are the must-have designer handbags of the season.

Shop the Street Style Look

The blogashpere and online world are flooded with street style looks. I’ll be completely honest, I like some of the looks, but not all of them. If you notice around show seasons, street style fashion gets more and more out there. Many of the fashionistas believe the more outrageous and theatrical they dress, then they are more apt to catch the photographers lens. A few years ago this used to be true, but now I’ve noticed strew photos aren’t always going for the most outlandish and colorful looks. I much prefer more streamlined street style looks. The ones who almost blend in with their surroundings. The muted greys and stone colored clothing that seamlessly meld into concrete buildings.

There are a few street style stars I really like. I never did go for the outrageous ones so I don’t even bother looking at their photos. To be honest many of them look utterly ridiculous and the accessories they carry aren’t much better either. As I’ve followed some of my favorite online style stars, I’ve noticed many of them carrying a certain type of handbag. It looked to be a satchel bag in two different sizes. The larger satchel looked like it was roomy and could hold a lot. The smaller size was super cute, but still looked wide enough for a smaller laptop and tablet. I wanted to learn more about who made these bags, but I needed a name first. Several of my friends had also seen and liked the handbags a lot, but they weren’t sure of the name. Finally, I found a dear friend who knew who made the bags. She knew because she owned several herself and loved carrying them.

designer handbags

The label who made my most wanted satchels is PLIA Designs. From their website I noticed they make a beautiful collections of designer handbags. The sort of handbags every girl wants because they look like nothing else on the market. You know what I mean, right? When you go shopping now, so many handbags look the same. Or they all look like they are trying to copy the ‘it’ bags. How many variations do we need to see of a famous bag? Only the original will do, thank you very much. On PLIA Designs site, I found the two satchel bags. And like I originally thought, they came in two sizes. The larger size satchel I had to have. It is reasonably priced compared to other bags and I was instantly in love. PLIA Designs does a great job in designing drool worthy designer handbags.

Handbag Report from the South of France

As many of my faithful readers know I am a fashion editor. Now I know that sounds like a glamorous and fun job and it is in many ways. But what most people outside of my fashion circle don’t understand is that I’m constantly writing and always on deadline. Once a fashion show is over, there is not much time to socialize. I have to quickly return to my hotel room and start writing reviews. Once the reviews are finished, I then have to email them to my editor and wait for feedback and changes. It is rare that I get any sort of night off during the shows. And it’s not always easy to write countless reviews and make each one as crisp and detailed as possible. But that is my job and I like to think I try hard.

When one of my friends who works for a famous design house invited me to her house in the south of France after the shows, I jumped at the chance. I happened to have three weeks off and I could not think of anywhere I’d rather spend it. She is an incredible talent in the design world, but she’s also a very dear friend of mine. We always have so much to talk about. From the latest and greatest in skincare, to new movies and books, to fashion of course, we chatter non stop like excitable hummingbirds. She is also one of those friends who is not permanently stuck on fashion. Meaning you can wear whatever you want and she does not even notice. I knew my stay would be relaxing and I wouldn’t have to care so much what I packed because it wouldn’t be some sort of uptight fashion pow-wow.
Designer Handbags
Packing for my trip to Provence would be easy. Clothing wise at least. But I needed a tote that would double as a small valise and carry-on for the train and also a day bag. Since I would be visiting several markets in the region, I needed a tote that could hold several items while still be stylish. I own so many handbags, but I knew I’d recently acquired a lovely tote. If I could only remember who made it and where I stored it. It finally came to me. It was a tote by PLIA Designs called the Pewter tote from their French Toast tote collection. I found it in my closet unused and still in its plastic bag and dust bag. It was the perfect tote for Provence. How could it not be with its amazing custom grey leather. PLIA Designs makes these beautiful designer handbags that last a lifetime. I am so glad I ordered this tote bag when I did.

Christmas in Gstaad with my PLIA Designs Handbags

It is nearing my favorite time of the year. Christmas! This year I am off to Gstaad to celebrate. One of my oldest friends from childhood has a house outside of the village and I think it will be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. Beautiful views, snowfalls galore, amazing food, lots of good drinks…I cannot wait! But first I need to do a lot of packing. Many ski destinations are also incredibly glamorous. For some, it is not always so much about skiing as it is the fashion and style.

I do not own a lot of fancy ski wear. I have a pair of basic boots, but they are not glamorous in the least. So off I was to various websites to order cute boots, nice parkas, ski goggles and a faux fur hat. I didn’t want to look as if I had no idea what sort of fashionable clothing other guests would wear. Sometimes you want to fit it and not look like you rolled in from the country and don’t have a good sense of style. I love cold weather for the cozy clothes. I already had a stack of amazing sweaters so I did not need anymore of those. Each autumn I order several new sweaters. I actually sort of have a sweater problem. There is nothing more cozy than a proper wool sweater. I never understand the fashionables who prefer cotton. Wool keeps you warm and so easy to clean.

Now for handbags to pack for my beautiful Gstaad getaway. I would need a gorgeous clutch for evening parties and dinners. Maybe a smaller day bag for when I wasn’t on the slopes and something larger for my carry-on. I usually don’t like to travel with too many handbags, so three would suffice for this trip. I lined up all of the designer handbags in my wardrobe so I could see them properly. I knew instantly that my large Reid courier satchel from PLIA Designs would be my big bag and carry-on. If I decided to do some small shopping in my snowy Alpine retreat, this bag would be great for holding small packages. For my smaller satchel, I decided on PLIA Designs once again. I love PLIA Designs designer handbags. They are absolutely marvelous and the craftsmanship is out of this world. I thought I’d make it the perfect trio and chose my Milton clutch from PLIA Designs to round it out.

Designer Handbags

Perfect! All of the designer handbags I chose for my trip to Gstaad would be from PLIA Designs. They are the perfect combination of glamour and old-world craftsmanship. I will feel confident carrying these on my arm.

Our Favorite Accessories

With Autumn just around the corner, we thought we would highlight one of our favorite accessories labels. The market is flooded with all sorts of fashion brands. Many large brands now create so many different product categories that they often lose focus on quality and craftsmanship. I much prefer when a label maintains its focus and does not branch out into to many different categories. Everyone, especially designers, loves to through around the term “lifestyle” brand. A shoe maker will now say they are going to go beyond shoes to be a large “lifestyle” brand. That’s fine, but in time the brands start to loose focus as all they worry about is growing larger and becoming a household name.

Once a brand becomes too large, not only do they sometimes lose track of quality, but the brand itself becomes diluted. They are no longer known for a special product or an “it” category. Instead, they push to create everything from shoes to bed covers. Instead of remaining true to their original core and interesting, they become large and boring. When a brand becomes too large, it’s not always a good thing. That’s why niche brands are often so wildly popular.

One new niche brand in designer wares is called PLIA Designs. They are known for making spectacularly beautiful designer handbags, carryalls, and leather goods. All of the products from this accessories design firm are handcrafted by a master leather craftsman with more than 40 years of experience. (That’s a lot of leather crafting experience!!) When I spoke to the brand they said they intend to stay focused only on leather goods and handbags and not expand into areas where they have no background or experience. That makes sense to me. If your focus are designer handbags, why would you want to make curtains and bead spreads as well?

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs has several leather goods collections from beautiful satchels to designer iPad cases. The firm also told me they are expecting new iPhone cases as well. And then when the iPhone 6 is announced, they will have cases for this new phone, too. Brilliant! I just love PLIA Designs macaron iPhone case. It was featured in ELLE magazine two seasons ago and sold out instantly. I’m sure their new designer iPhone cases will be a hit as well.

For Autumn, PLIA Designs’ leather Reid courier satchel is simply perfect. So are their Eloise leather lambskin clutches. If you do not know the line, you are missing out. Shop the leather goods line today and enjoy their products as much as all of the fashion insiders.

Listen Up, Ladies: Premium Style Clutches Can Be Functional and Streamlined!

Plia Designs has released a new line of fantastic clutches that is sure to appeal to any woman who loves practical, elegant designs. The new line, the Milton envelope clutch, boasts an attractive clutch with a slim profile. Designed to easily be carried in hand, this handbag doesn’t skimp on the necessities. In fact, it offers enough space to carry an iPad mini.

The size of the Milton envelope clutches is an impressive 10 1/2” in width and nearly 9” tall. Aside from size, the second most noticeable attribute of the Milton envelope clutch is its no-holds-barred exterior. Handcrafted from gorgeous lambskin, Plia’s Milton envelope clutch exudes style. The exterior houses an open slit pocket that could easily be used for receipts or tickets. The front flap has finely stitched borders, showcasing the craftsmanship of Plia’s Milton envelope clutch, and is embellished with a single solid stone and stunning silver hardware.

Designer Handbags

Easily fitting in-hand, this envelope clutch also has a lot of space. Upon opening the clutch, you’ll first notice that grey microsuede accentuates the plush interior. The two interior pockets conveys the roominess needed for all the necessities. With a credit card and ID card holder, this tall, elegant handbag carries everything you need. The rear interior pocket is the perfect size to stash an iPad 2 or iPad mini. Streamlined enough to easily be carried, Plia’s Milton envelope clutch can easily hold everything you need for your next night out.

Available in four unique designs, Plia’s Milton clutch line has something to fit a variety of styles. The first of the collection’s designer handbags is Twinkle, a powderish blue clutch that could be paired with a wide variety of fashions. The second style clutch in Plia’s Milton collection, Henley, is a custom black and white snakeskin design that could easily be worn to a ritzy luncheon or a night on the town. Similarly, Plia’s fourth style in the Milton collection is Violet. Quite literally violet, the clutch’s purple snakeskin design could be used to show off your wild side. The Azure design, which is the fourth of the Milton collection, radiates an elegant mother of pearl appearance with its multicolor snakeskin sheen. This beautiful design could be worn with a plethora of styles – let your imagination wander!

Dressed up or dressed down, Plia’s Milton envelope clutches are made to carry anywhere, anytime. Aside from the many versatile fashion opportunities the Milton envelope clutches convey, the handbags come with a detachable chain strap for maximum convenience. Also, Plia includes a dust bag with each Milton envelope clutch. If you are looking for a streamlined, fashionable way to carry your vital necessities, look no further than this great clutch. Large enough to fit your must-haves and small enough to easily carry, this is a fun, functional handbag!

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