Do you love Guy Tang as much as we do?

We are big fans of his work because not only is he so passionate about his career, but he’s passionate about the health of his clients hair. This is not a colorist who will be dumping volume 30 or 40 on a scalp to get a quick (usually brassy) lift. He totally gets that slower and lower (lower volume) is better. This method takes more time, but it ensures you get to be the best, glossy blonde possible.

Low and slow method works well for on scalp bleaching. It’s possible, with bases 5 and above, to lift dark roots with only volume 10 and a creme bleach. (We LOVE Joico creme lightener and so does Guy!)

Usually on scalp bleaching is done without heat and you let develop on roots for about 45 minutes. If you try this with only volume 10, then you wait double the time. We experimented on a base 5 with only volume 10 and bleach and after 1.5-2 hours the roots were a very clean and clear blonde. We did cover with a shower cap. No brass! Brass happens more with higher volumes. It lifts fasts, but doesn’t let the inside of the hair lift as fast as the outside. Thus a brassy mess!

Guy sort of explains the method in the video below. Although with Asian bases, you will need to use volume 20.