why not try these out How do you feel about fast fashion.  By fast fashion I mean the big box retailers and websites that churn out new products and collections every month or even few weeks.  We all know what stores they are.  They are anchored in nearly every shopping mall or complex.  They also take up big real estate in large cities.  Each week or month they receive deliveries of new shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry and other sundries.  Shoppers have come to expect new deliveries in a short amount of time.  Perhaps they see an expensive creation on the runway, but know one of their favorite fast fashion brick-and-mortar stores will have a near replica within two months.  On one hand I understand consumers appetite for shiny, brand new products that arrive in stores at a faster speed than normal.  But what does it say about us as consumers?  Do we value quality anymore?  And is it possible that some of the fast fashion is quality?  Because the clothes are are created so fast, it’s difficult to believe there is quality involved.

you can try these out There are several reasons why I’m not in favor of fast fashion.  One, it’s bad for the environment.  With so many resources put to the test every week, it’s hard to deny the negative effects it has on those who make the products and also the side effects on mother nature.  Two, I feel it keeps consumers from discovering and further developing their own personal style.  Style is personal and it’s something you develop over years or even a lifetime.  If you are constantly purchasing items on a monthly basis from these big box stores, chances are your style isn’t consistent.  Three, it’s more difficult to concentrate on quality.  If your wardrobe is filled with low quality fast fashion bits and pieces, that means you don’t have anything high quality.  And everyone needs a few well made pieces in their wardrobe.  When you go for an important job interview, chances are a few fast fashion items won’t look as nice as a few pieces that are well made.  Just think of a well crafted blazer and how it fits so well.  Fast fashion cannot replicate true quality.

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this article Even though I’m not completely in favor of fast fashion, there is room for a few pieces every now and then.  The few clothing items I do own from fast fashion big box stores, I like to wear on the weekends.  I call them my play clothes.  They are great for running to the grocery store, gardening, and hanging out at home.  But for everyday clothes, I’m still partial to a few high quality items.  And when it comes to accessories, I always opt for handcrafted and well made.  For instance, there is nothing that can replicate a handcrafted handbag.  There is a reason I love designer handbags.  They are thoughtfully designed and so well.  Keep in mind that it’s find to have a few pieces from fast fashion resources, but also save your money for a few high quality pieces such as designer handbags.

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