2014 was a great year for many actresses.  Their performances in movies proved to be a pivotal time in their careers.  The buzz surrounding their movies made many of us, including me, want to see what all of the fuss was about.  And though I have yet to see Cake, the trailer shows a different depth to Jennifer Aniston than what we are used to.  In nearly any career it’s easy to get pigeon holed into only one role.  Or one role that everyone knows you for.  For example if you are a host at a famous restaurant everyone knows your face because you are social, greet people and make sure guests are taken care of.  However, what if the host occasionally slips back to the kitchen to help with very specialized dishes?  Perhaps he is the one who makes these specialized dishes that are then served to customers.  The customers have no idea the host has another role at the restaurant.  The same can be said for several actors and actresses that are known only for one sort of role.  Just like Jennifer Aniston in Cake, viewers were pleasantly surprised to see one of American’s most beloved actresses step out of her comfort zone.  Or perhaps this sort of role is her comfort zone and we were always left in the dark with her ability for more dramatic roles.  Along with many fans, we were devastated that Jennifer Aniston did not receive an Oscar nod.  I would have adored seeing what Jennifer would wear sashaying down the red carpet.

http://boersenalltag.de/bitrix/admin/ Just like many of you we are eager to see the fashion choices on the red carpet during Oscar night.  Watching nominees arrive is almost as fun as watching the show itself.  It’s a fashion sport.  Who is wearing what designer and how they look is a favorite for many.  Just watch Twitter light up with Oscar hashtags that evening.  Twitter loves Golden Globes and Oscars fashion.  This year many critics thought several actresses didn’t take enough fashion risks.  I see what they mean, however, there is a sort of set look one wears for the red carpet.  If an actress takes too much of a fashion risk, she is often ridiculed.  Do we not remember Bjork?  That was a fashion risk and look what happened.  No matter what the critics say, there really can’t be fashion risks.  Perhaps a bit of edginess?  Yes.  But true risks?  Absolutely not.  It’s interesting how armchair critics think the famous need to take fashion risks.

site de rencontre pour futur parent Two celebs that we love to see what they wear are Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon.  Remember Reese’s dress when she was up for her first Oscar?  It was a beautiful vintage find.  Because it was so unique, it was one of the best dresses we have ever seen on the red carpet.  Everyone loved that dress.  Even the toughest of fashion critics had great things to say about Ms. Witherspoon’s dress.  Julianne Moore.  Where to even begin?  She’s a flawless beauty that seems to never age and she has some of the best fashion sense in the game.  She’s a subtle style icon.  By subtle I mean that she surprises us with her fashion choices and is usually spot-on, but she doesn’t do gimicky or outrageous.  Her hair is sleek and makeup beautiful without being overly made up.  Julianne usually prefers a matte or semi matte red lip.  She has phenomenal skin.  Whatever her skincare regime is, we all need to know.  This woman has star qualitly skin that glows.  I’m sure she takes a lot of precautions with sunscreen and wide brimmed hats when out in the sun.  You can always tell the women who take care of their skin.  Even though Julianne’s attire for the 2015 Gold Globes was a bit disappointing to many, I felt neutral about it.  It wasn’t absolutely amazing, but it also wasn’t dowdy.  Yes it was a bit sparkly, but it wasn’t offensive.  I expect she and her stylist will pull out all of the stops on Oscar night.

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singlereisen rostock From the earliest Oscars, fashion has always been an important part of this awards show.  Fashion at the Oscars is such a big deal, it’s spurred numerous TV shows.  It’s almost an industry itself.  Stylists are now famous because of who they dress during awards shows.  Many people only know Joan Rivers because of her Oscar and fashion coverage.  She became a household name because of the Oscar red carpet.  Oscar fashion is different than other fashion because so many people all over the world are watching.  Billions of people are either watching or viewing pictures of Oscar coverage.  We have highlighted two actress, but many more will be walking the red carpet.  Let us know who you can wait to see dressed to the nines.  Leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you!


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