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Month: October 2014

Shop It Right Now: Satchel Bags

cialis uk over the counter gauge After appearing on the Spring ’15 runways of PLIA Designs and several others, it seems that satchel bags are making their big comeback. They might be one of the more practical styles—perfect for rainy days and dirty bus rides—yet they have some serious statement appeal and will make any outfit, from a brocade dress to a fancy day suit, a little more cool. There are endless outfit combinations where a satchel handbag would be complementary. The major runway shows such as the one from PLIA Designs, every outfit that came down the runway had a satchel with it. The models carried the satchel bags in different ways which made it very interesting. And many of the satchel bags came with detachable shoulder straps. I know several friends that love to carry a handbag, but also prefer being hands free so they rely heavily on these shoulder straps. I don’t mind carrying a handbag by its handles, but there are times I love being hands free also, such as shopping trips and when navigating my way through an airport. I liked that designers were in tune to the hands free way of carrying a bag. The satchels that models carried also came in a variety of sizes. From large to mini, there is a size for everyone. No doubt department store and boutique owners and buyers have already placed their orders. These satchel handbags will fly off the shelves and leave people waiting for more. I can tell when a style will resonate with shoppers, and this sort of handbag will be a smashing success. So much that I wager there will be waiting lists a mile long. I already have my eye on PLIA Designs designer handbags and their new satchels are on top of my list. Tomorrow I get to take a look at their new satchel bags.

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medrol price Today I woke up and ate a quick breakfast. I didn’t want to be late meeting PLIA Designs head of PR. He is a dear friend of mine and we have known each other for a very long time. I took a taxi instead of the usual subway to their new showroom in the Marais. It’s a beautiful modern set of rooms within a very old and historical building, the juxtaposition is very interesting. In recent years, the Marais has become really trendy, but it has been an insider destination for a very long time. Trends will come and go, but this district of Paris will always be a mainstay- even after the trendy set has moved on. Viewing the beautiful buildings and architecture gives you an idea of how the wealthy former residents lived. It was after the revolution the Marais district was abandoned by many of the rich and that is when the more bohemian moved in. Unlike the rest of Paris with its broad boulevards, the Marais has narrow winding cobbled stone streets and alleys. It is the most enchanting place for a showroom.


http://therenovationdr.com/74612-azulfidine-cost.html Once inside PLIA Designs’ showroom, I saw Dante their head of PR. He waived me over to the large acrylic table in the middle of the room. Behind the massive table were several silver stands. Each one held the new satchel bags that had glided down the runway just days ago. It was rather amazing to see them on their own without the cacophony of a fashion show. They stood out even better here probably because it was a quieter atmosphere and the spotlight was only on the bags. After Dante finished his call, he invited me to take a closer look at the new satchel bags. Up close, they were simply divine. PLIA Designs is well known all over the globe for their designer handbags. Everyone knows that a designer bag by PLIA will last a lifetime. Not only are they incredibly well made, but their style is timeless. You can carry a PLIA Designs handbag now and in 10, 15, and even 20 years. Their handbags never go out of style.

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update arimidex price PLIA Designs new satchel handbags are so en pointe. No doubt they will fly out of stores before they have barely hit the shelves. Because I have inside access, I ordered one in each size. The largest size would be perfect for travel and it holds a MacBook Pro. The middle size which they named “small” is the sort of satchel bag that would take you from a day at the office to a dinner party in the evening; all without switching handbags. And the tiniest style called the “pixie” is one of the cutest bags I have ever laid eyes on. It’s the same silhouette of the bigger satchels, but miniaturized. At 9 inches wide, it’s still roomy enough for a wallet and other daily essentials.

rencontres ado gay Before it’s too late, shop the three satchel handbag styles you can get your hands on right now from PLIA Designs. There will be a wait list a mile long within weeks. These are the must-have designer handbags of the season.

Shop the Street Style Look

http://garystein.co.uk/ww.youtube.com/embed/sCwWplThmJc The blogashpere and online world are flooded with street style looks. I’ll be completely honest, I like some of the looks, but not all of them. If you notice around show seasons, street style fashion gets more and more out there. Many of the fashionistas believe the more outrageous and theatrical they dress, then they are more apt to catch the photographers lens. A few years ago this used to be true, but now I’ve noticed strew photos aren’t always going for the most outlandish and colorful looks. I much prefer more streamlined street style looks. The ones who almost blend in with their surroundings. The muted greys and stone colored clothing that seamlessly meld into concrete buildings.

http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/4907 There are a few street style stars I really like. I never did go for the outrageous ones so I don’t even bother looking at their photos. To be honest many of them look utterly ridiculous and the accessories they carry aren’t much better either. As I’ve followed some of my favorite online style stars, I’ve noticed many of them carrying a certain type of handbag. It looked to be a satchel bag in two different sizes. The larger satchel looked like it was roomy and could hold a lot. The smaller size was super cute, but still looked wide enough for a smaller laptop and tablet. I wanted to learn more about who made these bags, but I needed a name first. Several of my friends had also seen and liked the handbags a lot, but they weren’t sure of the name. Finally, I found a dear friend who knew who made the bags. She knew because she owned several herself and loved carrying them.

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get redirected here The label who made my most wanted satchels is PLIA Designs. From their website I noticed they make a beautiful collections of designer handbags. The sort of handbags every girl wants because they look like nothing else on the market. You know what I mean, right? When you go shopping now, so many handbags look the same. Or they all look like they are trying to copy the ‘it’ bags. How many variations do we need to see of a famous bag? Only the original will do, thank you very much. On PLIA Designs site, I found the two satchel bags. And like I originally thought, they came in two sizes. The larger size satchel I had to have. It is reasonably priced compared to other bags and I was instantly in love. PLIA Designs does a great job in designing drool worthy designer handbags.