It should be of no surprise to anyone that Instagram is the most popular and powerful social media platform. It has taken over the social media sphere. And right so. It is an incredibly easy app to use. The interface is streamlined and simple. It’s not cluttered nor do you have to read a lot of text. In the fashion world it is definitely the most favored social media app. Editors are uploading and double tapping hundreds of pictures during fashion week. Celebrities give us a glimpse into fashion shows they are attending. And of course selfies have taken over. Sometimes selfies are great though because you get to know what makeup or skincare product a popular editor or celeb is wearing and/or using.

Style stars and popular bloggers are using Instagram in the droves as well. You get to see them taking meetings with editors and attending fashion shows as well. More and more these powerful people in the industry are also showcasing their own personal style. They give us a chance to see beautiful walk-in closets with rows of shoes lined up and handbags tucked away in their proper sleeper bags. Several well known editors have shown their handbags by PLIA Designs. This is a label favored by many fashion insiders. PLIA Designs is a luxury accessories label with a focus on designer handbags, satchels, carryalls, and leather goods. They also have the cutest line of designer iPhone cases. Through Instagram, I have seen many designer handbags crafted by PLIA Designs. I loved them so much, I wanted to add several to my collection. If they are good enough for fashion editors and style stars, then I was sure to love them also. After seeing a handbag from PLIA Designs’ newest collection, I took the plunge.

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs’ website is beautifully laid out and so original. I loved browsing their collections page. From there I was able to click on individual collections. My shopping cart quickly filled up. I ordered two Eloise lambskin clutches, three courier satchel handbags, and four designer iPhone cases. I couldn’t wait to receive my PLIA Designs designer handbags and cases. I’d been saving my money to expand my accessories wardrobe and now I finally found the perfect brand. I hadn’t intended to buy all of my new handbags from one brand, but I couldn’t help myself. No other brand made handbags that look like this. I have learned that the line is built around craftsmanship. Every one of their handbags is individually crafted by their very own leather craftsman. This is a brand I have fallen in love with and I can’t wait to own more PLIA Designs designer handbags.