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Month: August 2014

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The Best Weekend Handbags

Weekend choices can be difficult at least fashion wise. When choosing what to carry, I have to take into consideration what I am doing that weekend. Will it be a working weekend where I will need to carry a laptop, magazines, papers, notebooks, and an iPad. Will I be working and socializing? Sometimes during fashion month, there is a combination of work and play. Attending shows, meeting designers backstage, and going to dinners, there is a combination of rushing back to my hotel to write reviews and kicking back in a hotel lobby for a cocktail. So there are many times when activities over the weekend overlap. It is that way for many people and a way of life.

One of my favorite weekend bags is actually a satchel. It is made by accessories house PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs crafts collections of beautiful designer handbags, satchels, purses, bags and leather goods. They are world renowned for their craftsmanship. Each product is handcrafted one at a time by their very own leather craftsman. Fashion editors in the know all carry PLIA Designs designer handbags. The handbag I love to carry from them is called the Reid courier satchel. It’s a beautiful and roomy satchel with plenty of space for all of the things I lug around. I also love this handbag because I can use it as a mini weekender. It is an incredibly versatile bag. I don’t think of it as just a work bag. I love it for shopping as well. It is large enough to hold a few small packages from department stores. I have spotted PLIA’s satchel in the hands of countless editors. From French VOGUE to British VOGUE, the voguettes cannot get enough of this designer handbag and I can see why. I never get tired of carrying my Reid satchel by PLIA Designs.

The other weekend bag I like to carry is also by PLIA Designs. It is their Milton clutch. Talk about a chic clutch. The buttery soft lambskin is utterly delicious. Whenever I carry this clutch, I always get so many compliments and people asking me where I bought it. I love referring them to PLIA Designs website. This is a great weekend clutch because it can be carried from day to evening. And it is large enough to fit my iPad mini! So tech chic. I love carrying this clutch to dinner and to cocktail parties because it is the perfect size to fit under my arm.

Designer Handbags

These are two of my favorite weekend bags. Let me know what are some of your bags to carry over the weekend and why you love them so much. Until next time fashionistas!

Handbag Report from the South of France

As many of my faithful readers know I am a fashion editor. Now I know that sounds like a glamorous and fun job and it is in many ways. But what most people outside of my fashion circle don’t understand is that I’m constantly writing and always on deadline. Once a fashion show is over, there is not much time to socialize. I have to quickly return to my hotel room and start writing reviews. Once the reviews are finished, I then have to email them to my editor and wait for feedback and changes. It is rare that I get any sort of night off during the shows. And it’s not always easy to write countless reviews and make each one as crisp and detailed as possible. But that is my job and I like to think I try hard.

When one of my friends who works for a famous design house invited me to her house in the south of France after the shows, I jumped at the chance. I happened to have three weeks off and I could not think of anywhere I’d rather spend it. She is an incredible talent in the design world, but she’s also a very dear friend of mine. We always have so much to talk about. From the latest and greatest in skincare, to new movies and books, to fashion of course, we chatter non stop like excitable hummingbirds. She is also one of those friends who is not permanently stuck on fashion. Meaning you can wear whatever you want and she does not even notice. I knew my stay would be relaxing and I wouldn’t have to care so much what I packed because it wouldn’t be some sort of uptight fashion pow-wow.
Designer Handbags
Packing for my trip to Provence would be easy. Clothing wise at least. But I needed a tote that would double as a small valise and carry-on for the train and also a day bag. Since I would be visiting several markets in the region, I needed a tote that could hold several items while still be stylish. I own so many handbags, but I knew I’d recently acquired a lovely tote. If I could only remember who made it and where I stored it. It finally came to me. It was a tote by PLIA Designs called the Pewter tote from their French Toast tote collection. I found it in my closet unused and still in its plastic bag and dust bag. It was the perfect tote for Provence. How could it not be with its amazing custom grey leather. PLIA Designs makes these beautiful designer handbags that last a lifetime. I am so glad I ordered this tote bag when I did.

Christmas in Gstaad with my PLIA Designs Handbags

It is nearing my favorite time of the year. Christmas! This year I am off to Gstaad to celebrate. One of my oldest friends from childhood has a house outside of the village and I think it will be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. Beautiful views, snowfalls galore, amazing food, lots of good drinks…I cannot wait! But first I need to do a lot of packing. Many ski destinations are also incredibly glamorous. For some, it is not always so much about skiing as it is the fashion and style.

I do not own a lot of fancy ski wear. I have a pair of basic boots, but they are not glamorous in the least. So off I was to various websites to order cute boots, nice parkas, ski goggles and a faux fur hat. I didn’t want to look as if I had no idea what sort of fashionable clothing other guests would wear. Sometimes you want to fit it and not look like you rolled in from the country and don’t have a good sense of style. I love cold weather for the cozy clothes. I already had a stack of amazing sweaters so I did not need anymore of those. Each autumn I order several new sweaters. I actually sort of have a sweater problem. There is nothing more cozy than a proper wool sweater. I never understand the fashionables who prefer cotton. Wool keeps you warm and so easy to clean.

Now for handbags to pack for my beautiful Gstaad getaway. I would need a gorgeous clutch for evening parties and dinners. Maybe a smaller day bag for when I wasn’t on the slopes and something larger for my carry-on. I usually don’t like to travel with too many handbags, so three would suffice for this trip. I lined up all of the designer handbags in my wardrobe so I could see them properly. I knew instantly that my large Reid courier satchel from PLIA Designs would be my big bag and carry-on. If I decided to do some small shopping in my snowy Alpine retreat, this bag would be great for holding small packages. For my smaller satchel, I decided on PLIA Designs once again. I love PLIA Designs designer handbags. They are absolutely marvelous and the craftsmanship is out of this world. I thought I’d make it the perfect trio and chose my Milton clutch from PLIA Designs to round it out.

Designer Handbags

Perfect! All of the designer handbags I chose for my trip to Gstaad would be from PLIA Designs. They are the perfect combination of glamour and old-world craftsmanship. I will feel confident carrying these on my arm.

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