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Month: July 2014

Our Favorite Accessories

With Autumn just around the corner, we thought we would highlight one of our favorite accessories labels. The market is flooded with all sorts of fashion brands. Many large brands now create so many different product categories that they often lose focus on quality and craftsmanship. I much prefer when a label maintains its focus and does not branch out into to many different categories. Everyone, especially designers, loves to through around the term “lifestyle” brand. A shoe maker will now say they are going to go beyond shoes to be a large “lifestyle” brand. That’s fine, but in time the brands start to loose focus as all they worry about is growing larger and becoming a household name.

Once a brand becomes too large, not only do they sometimes lose track of quality, but the brand itself becomes diluted. They are no longer known for a special product or an “it” category. Instead, they push to create everything from shoes to bed covers. Instead of remaining true to their original core and interesting, they become large and boring. When a brand becomes too large, it’s not always a good thing. That’s why niche brands are often so wildly popular.

One new niche brand in designer wares is called PLIA Designs. They are known for making spectacularly beautiful designer handbags, carryalls, and leather goods. All of the products from this accessories design firm are handcrafted by a master leather craftsman with more than 40 years of experience. (That’s a lot of leather crafting experience!!) When I spoke to the brand they said they intend to stay focused only on leather goods and handbags and not expand into areas where they have no background or experience. That makes sense to me. If your focus are designer handbags, why would you want to make curtains and bead spreads as well?

Designer Handbags

PLIA Designs has several leather goods collections from beautiful satchels to designer iPad cases. The firm also told me they are expecting new iPhone cases as well. And then when the iPhone 6 is announced, they will have cases for this new phone, too. Brilliant! I just love PLIA Designs macaron iPhone case. It was featured in ELLE magazine two seasons ago and sold out instantly. I’m sure their new designer iPhone cases will be a hit as well.

For Autumn, PLIA Designs’ leather Reid courier satchel is simply perfect. So are their Eloise leather lambskin clutches. If you do not know the line, you are missing out. Shop the leather goods line today and enjoy their products as much as all of the fashion insiders.

Kim Kardashian in Paris

Straight from the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian steps out in Valentine at the Valentino couture show.

Thoughts on her dress? Love it? Leave it?

Designer Handbags Kim Kardashian

Read more about the show here:

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