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Dissecting Our Love for Designer Handbags

Month: June 2014

Eloise Collection

Plia Designs is quickly becoming synonymous with unique high quality designer handbags. Contrary to popular belief, that is not all they offer. The Eloise line of iPad cases is the perfect accessory for the woman who needs to protect that ever important technology.

If you’ve ever walking into the Apple store or any store that sells iPad cases, you know that your selection is pretty slim. You’re either restricted to black and white cases, or your stuck with ugly zippered sleeves that have to be carried alone because they’re too big or bulky to fit into your bag. Not anymore though. The Eloise line of designer iPad cases is designed to be the perfect marriage of style and technology.

Black and white is always classic, and the monochrome color scheme looks fantastic on the Dover iPad case. This beautiful black lambskin case is adorned with a snake print middle panel on both sides of the case. The silver toggle clasp is perfect to keep your iPad safe and secure.

If you love snake print stuff, but aren’t a fan of monochrome, this line still has you covered. The Sea View case still features the stunning black lambskin, but the snake print on this model is filled with soft blues, greens, and purples designed to resemble the colors of the sea at sunrise.

Maybe you feel a little like royalty and need something with a purple flourish. Even if you’re not wearing a tiara, you can feel like a princess with the Loire iPad clutch. This black lambskin beauty is accented with a deep purple and soft lavender snake print that will catch everyone’s eye.

If snake print isn’t your favorite, than the Harley clutch is the one for you. This one offers a beautiful blue lambskin center print rather than a snake print pattern.

These clutches are designed to fit an iPad, but your device will still fit even if you’ve already got a slim protective case on it.

When it comes to a clutch for your iPad, Plia Designs knows that looks don’t mean anything if the clutch can’t keep the device safe. That is why each clutch is lined with a thick quilted nylon and a layer of thin, hidden neoprene. The combination of these two, as well as the silver toggle lock provides the highest level of safety possible from a clutch such as this.

Protecting your iPad is no excuse for carrying around a bulky, unfashionable one-size fits all zippered pouch from Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Treat your iPad like you treat yourself, and splurge a little. These handcrafted clutches are just the thing to break you out of iPad case-based mediocrity.

Listen Up, Ladies: Premium Style Clutches Can Be Functional and Streamlined!

Plia Designs has released a new line of fantastic clutches that is sure to appeal to any woman who loves practical, elegant designs. The new line, the Milton envelope clutch, boasts an attractive clutch with a slim profile. Designed to easily be carried in hand, this handbag doesn’t skimp on the necessities. In fact, it offers enough space to carry an iPad mini.

The size of the Milton envelope clutches is an impressive 10 1/2” in width and nearly 9” tall. Aside from size, the second most noticeable attribute of the Milton envelope clutch is its no-holds-barred exterior. Handcrafted from gorgeous lambskin, Plia’s Milton envelope clutch exudes style. The exterior houses an open slit pocket that could easily be used for receipts or tickets. The front flap has finely stitched borders, showcasing the craftsmanship of Plia’s Milton envelope clutch, and is embellished with a single solid stone and stunning silver hardware.

Designer Handbags

Easily fitting in-hand, this envelope clutch also has a lot of space. Upon opening the clutch, you’ll first notice that grey microsuede accentuates the plush interior. The two interior pockets conveys the roominess needed for all the necessities. With a credit card and ID card holder, this tall, elegant handbag carries everything you need. The rear interior pocket is the perfect size to stash an iPad 2 or iPad mini. Streamlined enough to easily be carried, Plia’s Milton envelope clutch can easily hold everything you need for your next night out.

Available in four unique designs, Plia’s Milton clutch line has something to fit a variety of styles. The first of the collection’s designer handbags is Twinkle, a powderish blue clutch that could be paired with a wide variety of fashions. The second style clutch in Plia’s Milton collection, Henley, is a custom black and white snakeskin design that could easily be worn to a ritzy luncheon or a night on the town. Similarly, Plia’s fourth style in the Milton collection is Violet. Quite literally violet, the clutch’s purple snakeskin design could be used to show off your wild side. The Azure design, which is the fourth of the Milton collection, radiates an elegant mother of pearl appearance with its multicolor snakeskin sheen. This beautiful design could be worn with a plethora of styles – let your imagination wander!

Dressed up or dressed down, Plia’s Milton envelope clutches are made to carry anywhere, anytime. Aside from the many versatile fashion opportunities the Milton envelope clutches convey, the handbags come with a detachable chain strap for maximum convenience. Also, Plia includes a dust bag with each Milton envelope clutch. If you are looking for a streamlined, fashionable way to carry your vital necessities, look no further than this great clutch. Large enough to fit your must-haves and small enough to easily carry, this is a fun, functional handbag!

Designer Totes

We’re absolutely in love with the Cadiz French Toast tote from PLIA Designs. The brown leather is durable and amazingly stylish, and the tote is a great addition to your summer getaway luggage. You can slide your laptop inside, or use it to pack carry-ons.

Designer Handbags

The pretty custom print design has an array of colors, so it will match with almost anything you want to pair it with for summer wear. The real leather handles, in a rich brown color, will complement many styles, and it will hold up to sometimes rough summer use! The exterior body is linen and jute canvas, so you don’t have to worry about it catching on something. This bag will safely see you through the summer.

This tote carries all of the essentials, with smart phone pocket, credit card slots, and even a pocket for your iPad! Maybe you’re looking for a stylish tote to carry camera equipment, sunscreen, or other summer necessities. You can take this one from the board room to the beach, and back again!

This great tote would make a perfect gift for a graduating Senior. It would look cute but classy as she packed a few books or her laptop inside. It is just as useful for a weekend trip as it is for every day. The leather is durable but goes great with everything!

The Reid Courier Satchel Range

A style of bag that has gained popularity in recent years is the satchel. However, the satchel is not a new design style and has a lot of history behind it. In an effort to encompass the history of the satchel PLIA has created the Reid Courier Satchel range. This satchel range offers you a journey through the history of the satchel while giving you an elegant designer handbag.

The Design

The design of the Reid Courier Satchel range is very different to the other designer satchels on the market. There are a number of design features that make this bag stand out from the crowd. The materials used for this designer handbag are different each other.
The body of the satchel in the range has a different material to the straps and flaps. This offers a beautiful dichotomy and contrast which makes the elegance of the bag stand out even more. The actual materials will vary depending on the satchel from the range that you get.
The satchels in this range offer two carry designs. The first is the historical long strap that can be slung over a shoulder or across the chest. The second method is the top handles of the satchel which offers an easy handbag carry style for the days when you do not want the bag on your shoulder.

Designer handbags by PLIA Designs

The Size of the Satchel

Historically courier satchels would have been smaller than this designer bag. However, the needs of today call for a larger bag. The Reid collection is large enough to carry 15” computer or a tablet. The interior of the satchel is divided into different compartments which allow you to elegantly organise your life.

The satchel has also been crafted to ensure that you can fit everything into it. The defining design characteristic that you need to know relate to the front buckle straps of the bag. Many designer handbags and satchels use front straps as a means of aesthetics without thinking about the practical aspect of these straps. This is where the Reid collection differs from the rest.
The front straps on the satchel are crafted to be larger than the body of the bag. This allows you to close the satchel even if it is overstuffed. This adds an air of elegance to the satchel as you never have to worry about your personal items being on display or not being able to properly shut your bag.

The Materials

The materials used in the Reid collection are only the best on offer. Some of the satchels in the range have marbled calfskin making up the body of the bag while others have nylon canvas. This offers you the option of choosing the material that you enjoy and feel would highlight the satchel against your fashion. The flaps and straps of the bag are made from smooth calfskin which is soft and elegant.
If you are looking for a satchel that stands out from the rest then you should consider the Reid Collection by PLIA. This collection has 4 different satchels which you can choose from. These satchels have many features which make them stand out and elegant.

Going Blonde. Low and Slow

Do you love Guy Tang as much as we do?

We are big fans of his work because not only is he so passionate about his career, but he’s passionate about the health of his clients hair. This is not a colorist who will be dumping volume 30 or 40 on a scalp to get a quick (usually brassy) lift. He totally gets that slower and lower (lower volume) is better. This method takes more time, but it ensures you get to be the best, glossy blonde possible.

Low and slow method works well for on scalp bleaching. It’s possible, with bases 5 and above, to lift dark roots with only volume 10 and a creme bleach. (We LOVE Joico creme lightener and so does Guy!)

Usually on scalp bleaching is done without heat and you let develop on roots for about 45 minutes. If you try this with only volume 10, then you wait double the time. We experimented on a base 5 with only volume 10 and bleach and after 1.5-2 hours the roots were a very clean and clear blonde. We did cover with a shower cap. No brass! Brass happens more with higher volumes. It lifts fasts, but doesn’t let the inside of the hair lift as fast as the outside. Thus a brassy mess!

Guy sort of explains the method in the video below. Although with Asian bases, you will need to use volume 20.

Summer in the City Wouldn’t be the same without Plia’s Designer Accessories.

Top designer products are characterized by their high quality and out-of-range prices as well as their durability and timelessness. At Plia we don’t believe that the top designer accessories should be exorbitant to buy just because they’re of a superior quality. So, if you happen to be very fashion conscious and determined to make a style statement wherever you go, then you’re likely to find your ideal designer laptop case among our range of cute and trendy styles. What really makes our designer laptop cases stand out is their durability – they will be sure to last you a long time while maintaining their attractiveness and appealing colours and designs. Our material coatings are created by master crafts people, that make use of the finest fabrics and natural top quality leathers – very precious and exclusive – they are manufactured under the most traditional craft techniques for maximum durability but will look ageless for years to come.

Plia’s design team is constantly observing what drives luxury accessory purchases, noting that as demand for luxury inspired products increases, the target consumer base constantly widens. There is a large and growing population that has acquired a taste for luuxury, but they do not always have means to support those grande purchases. Still, they continue to buy and are always looking for high quality affordable accessories like those featured in our range. As most designers know, many of the most attractive luxury goods originate in or were inspired by French culture. Our multicoloured ‘macaron’ design is no different – inspired by French confectionary, this funky laptop case has joined our collection of designer laptop cases just in time for the summer season. Not every baker can bake perfect macarons and neither can every designer laptop brand make undeniably trendy laptop cases; our multicoloured macaron design is made from cotton twill with a chic black leather trim finish and detachable strap, so that you can go straight from work to garden party or BBQ in summer style, whether that’s carry your laptop case underarm or on your shoulder satchel-style! Its graspable silver zipper and zipper pulls facilitate easy carrying and its exterior back open slit pocket enables you to quickly slip in your cables or notepads without hassle.

Plia’s accessory designs are functional; placing emphasis on quality standards over prestige yet they still manage to cater for consumers with luxury tastes. Having a Plia designs product is not only about having quality merchandise, it is also owning a piece of a well established design house. Plia’s designer laptop cases offer a delightful range of well made and attractive accessories that will be an asset to any tech lover’s collection of purses. Take a fresh and summery approach to transporting your technology with this cool, croc-print laptop case from Plia Designs. Crafted from spongy neoprene, mauve silver custom quilted high performance satin and a pure leather zip pull. Keep your laptop safe and completely scratch-free in something as cool and stylish as you are, and discover the exquisite collection of designer laptop cases available online at Plia Designs today.

French Toast Collection

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a plate of flaky French toast, topped with powdered sugar, for breakfast on a beautiful sunny morning. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) that is not the type of French toast we’re talking about. Plia Designs’ French toast is none other than their handcrafted designer handbag. This over the shoulder tote is made of stunning Italian leather that only gets better with age.

For something fantastic and functional that’s just a little playful, take a look at their Cadiz model. This colorful tote is sure to turn heads with its custom printed zigzag pattern. Pared with stunning tawny brown leather that is almost muted by comparison, there is no way you could miss this adorable shoulder bag.

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who likes a little fruit with her French toast. If that’s the case, than the Lacey tote is definitely the accessory for you. The brown leather details only serve to accent the stunning blueberry print. The blue and green pattern is the perfect touch to any outfit, whether you’re on a Sunday stroll or heading into the office for a busy day of work.

Stripes always make a bold statement, and our Capri tote emphasizes that statement proudly! Vertical black and white strips adorn this stunning shoulder bag, creating a look that is impossible to ignore. The rich brown leather and sparkling silver rivets just serve to bring the look together.

If you need something a little more professional, the French Toast tote in Pewter is the perfect accessory for you. The same stunning brown leather serves to accent the faux leather body which is a beautiful soft pewter color.

Even in the world of designer handbags, what is beauty without functionality? With the French Toast collection, Plia Designs’ are able to provide both with equal fervor. Each one of the magnificent bags in this collection is lined with high performance quilted nylon to keep up with even your busiest schedules. The very best thing about this bag, though, is the pockets!

Though it may not look like it from the outside, each one of these beauties can easily transport a laptop up to 15 inches, including the MacBook Pro. Of course, if laptops aren’t your style, the interior also features interior smart phone pockets, and an iPad or tablet pocket. Keep everything you need to stay connected in one convenient place!

Whether you’re heading to the office, to the beach, or to the salon, sling this fantastic tote bag over your shoulder and you’re ready to face whatever the world can throw at you!

What the Fashionables Carry

Giorgio Armani, a famous designer had this to day about fashion and style “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” Now there is a fashionable and chic laptop bag that can be either classy or sassy depending on the look you would like. The important thing is to remember that your laptop bag is part of your look as you ‘wear’ it several times a day to transport your laptop to and from meetings, the office and to current and potentially new clients. Does your current laptop bag look elegant and is memorable?

There are designer laptop bags that are both memorable and elegant. These bags will captivate the attention of those around and speak volumes about the person who has one. They are stunning with either a conservative or playful look to them. These eye catching bags are a modern slant to an old idea. Yes, you need a laptop bag so why not make it one that will stand out and add to your sleek and impeccably dressed ensemble. These preppy bags will fit in any work place setting or go with any outfit. They are super cute and super fashionable and will dazzle the senses.

Two more conservative designs are the Kensington and the Posey. While the look may be more serious, the functionality and statement will shout stylish and fantastic attention to detail. The workmanship and fine leather is second to none. With hand stitching and hand oiled edges, the quality component speaks volumes on what matters to you. The inside of the case is made of a quilted high performance satin with an exterior back open slit pocket stores plane tickets or a copy of your resume or presentation for quick and easy access. For a more color and whimsical look, there are two absolutely adorable high quality designs promised to delight any age. The colors are spectacular whether you choose the rabbit Higgins or the stack of delicious and beautifully crafted Macaroons. Even conservative settings have a bit of room for color and a smile. Either of these styles will show your elegance and help you be remembered.

Rachel Zoe, known as an American fashion stylist says “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. What better way to say who you are than with a designer laptop bag that can lend some assistance to your statement? This tech accessory will look classy or sassy and will show your superior taste. Many worldwide have already chosen this amazing tech accessory as seen advertised in Brides, InStyle, Lifestyle and Geek Chic. Captivate the attention of all with a stunning laptop bag from Plia Designs. Their customer service will make ordering easy and they are available 24/7 via email to answer any questions about these amazing bags. Their durability will turn this small investment into a huge return on class and style that will last a very long time.

Designer Luxury Laptop Cases

Retailers everywhere are entering a new phase in the evolution of the luxury accessories market. Luxury items depend more than ever on word-of-mouth promotion than advertising. This requires luxury brands to keep their fingers on the pulse of innovation in their product collections to maintain consumers’ interest and passion for the brand. Consumers expect every interaction with our brand to be elite, unique, and tailored to their tastes and preferences. PLIA Designs’ customers are no different; our loyal customers love to share their delight about our accessory products and the luxury experiences they provide.

At PLIA Designs we believe that carrying your technology shouldn’t be a burden – it should be trendy and pleasurable. Our designer laptop cases are designed to fit your laptop and everything that usually goes with it; mobiles, leads and paperwork, etc. Moreover, they’re designed to fit you for comfort whether you’re just heading into the office or off on a business trip. Inspired by our penchant for all things ultra stylish, our design team has modernized our designer laptop carrying cases in an array of stunning colours and chic designs which are particularly great for the summer season. PLIA’s designer laptop cases are loved by both techies and other professionals everywhere. They are the ideal practical accessory for carrying while out and about, and it is not difficult to understand why; you could use our bags instead of a traditional handbag even and still be highly fashionable. Protect your technology and invest in our mauve silver custom quilted laptop case, beautifully illustrated with PLIA’s rabbit illustration of Higgins, for example. Crafted from an exquisitely and expertly chosen combination of high performance satin, cotton twill and black leather trimming, the water colour paint effect creates an enchanting storybook design. This practical yet highly fashionable designer laptop case will take you from work to play time in a flash without compromising stylishness. The design boasts oodles of storage capacity to keep your belongings perfectly organised. It’s been designed with the daily commute in mind, with an exterior back opening slit pocket and trendy silver zipper pulls on the edges to facilitate easier handling and grasping. Demonstrating quality and uncompromising style, this designer laptop case features a detachable shoulder strap which adds to its versatility and enabling hands free carrying. Our designer laptop cases will fit most 15” laptops with ease with approximately 1.4″ of generous depth to store all your goodies while on the move. At Plia Designs we pride ourselves on our quick and responsive service, and most of their orders are shipped the same day that you place them. We only use the very best materials and take the time to source first class manufacturers for all of our materials and supplies. Our quality and selection are difficult to beat, and the pricing of our designer leather goods is very competitive. We are an increasingly popular luxury accessories company that offers boutique designer goods at affordable prices. Some of our most popular and best-selling designer laptop cases are: our classy dark blue Kensington case, the summery Macarons design and the effortlessly versatile Posey design, all of which can be found on and ordered from our website.

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